Ztylus Revolver kit - iPhone 6S Plus / Samsung S7 Edge

Discussion in 'Arts and Photography' started by JD666, Sep 26, 2016.

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    Found this company online ztylus.com. They design and sell various accessories (mainly) for Apple products and some Samsung devices as well.

    I read up reviews about their "Revolver" kit and ordered 2 kits, one for my iPhone 6S Plus and one for the missus S7 Edge.

    The revolver kit with all the lenses out. Takes a bit of rigging, but for shot purposes only.
    The Revolver lens kit comprises of 3 physical pop-out lenses, and a 4th removable magnetic lens.
    What you see in the above pic are - Top - Fish Eye, Right (red ring) - CPL - Polarizing filter and Left - Wide.

    The Wide lens houses a removable lens (held in place magnetically) which when removed, gives the Macro Lens).

    These kits are designed in US, but are manufactured in China. The best part was that shipping was free (over 150$) and I received my items with-in 3 days of ordering. Delivery method was DHL, so full compliments on shipping speed and methods.


    On the left, the kit for the S7 Edge, and on the right for the 6S Plus. Also compatible with the 6 Plus thanks to the negligible difference in dimensions.

    First up, the S7 Edge kit -


    I must comment at this point, that the S7 Edge Revolver kit was pretty sparse and basic when compared to the iPhone kit. The difference was in the accessories, the packaging and quality of packing. I'll elaborate further once I post pictures of the iPhone kit.


    A quick look at how you operate the lens kit. Basically rotate the cylinder to align whichever lens you would like to use. Just flip it out (The shaft is spring loaded, so it literally pops into place) and take pics. Very impressive.


    These are the 4 lenses - CPL, FishEye with approx 180 degrees FOV, 10x Macro and Wide (I think about 135 degrees).


    The S7 Edge kit comes in a stiff plastic housing. Just slide out, remove and you are good to go.


    The revolver lens attachment is quite well finished with a combination of a metal ring on top and a plastic housing.


    Also bundled in the kit are 2 stickers plus some literature on the lenses, and how to share your images with stylus on social media.


    Mounting the attachment -


    With the S7 Edge, it is a straightforward snap on process. Though I'm not too happy about the sides being exposed. Also compared to the iPhone 6s, it is less grippy than what I would've preferred.




    Using it -

    Both the kits came with the Rev 2.0 of the Revolver Kit. -


    The good part is that the revolver kit is common to both phones. So you can interchange or use the same kit across two or more devices (provided the phone cover has the mount point).

    It's a simple insert and twist to lock. The other bit being that several other attachments can be used when not using the bulky Revolver kit.

    In the S7 Edge kit, sadly, it leaves a blank round open space, if you remove the Revolver kit.


    And this is where comparing the iPhone Kit makes you feel shortchanged with the S7 Edge Kit. Yes the S7 kit is cheaper (79.95 vs 99.95$) but leaving a gaping hole in the back of a cover is kind of not done. Perhaps they were expecting a Samsung user to quickly switch between covers.

    Before we go into the iPhone Kit, here's how good it makes the S7 camera -




    The above are all Macro Lens samples, taken by the missus on her S7 Edge.

    More samples later, now for the iPhone 6S Plus kit -


    The iPhone 6S Plus kit comes in a multi layered box with a demo flap to view the item. I ordered the Watermelon Red color to go with my White 6S Plus.


    The case for the iPhone features a hard plastic, full surround cover, that opens at one end. You slide your device into the cover, install the end cover, and screw it in place with a hand screw.


    The above are the features it comes with. Integrated metal kickstand that you can switch with the Revolver Lens attachment.


    A box within the box. You see where this is going.


    Hello iPhone kit. Well packaged, snugly packed within a foam cut out.


    Wait, we have more stuff.


    The removable kickstand. (Note - works only in portrait mode. If you want the rotary one, you'll have to buy the clip attachment - I incidentally bought that as well after using this).


    A small lens cleaning cloth, and the black pouch to keep the revolver kit, you've seen in the above photos.


    The inside of the cover is velvet lined in the black spots. As you can see, the bottom half splits and you slide the phone inside. Here it is, mounted on the iPhone -




    I approve of the build quality and finish. The plastic is nice and textured, so it feels grippy and can be grasped easily.

    Now moving on the important bits, photography!

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  2. JD666

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    Here are some camera samples with the iPhone kit. The first one I'd like to show is the CPL, coz I really loved using that filter, especially on a mobile device. It really brings out the contrast and depth in colors. However the below is a sample of how it helps cut reflections -


    The above is without CPL


    This is with CPL. Notice how the reflection on the glass goes away. Yay!

    Now for the wide lens. It does come handy for various purposes, but here's an example -

    Before -


    Standing at the same spot, with the lens -


    Note the slight curve at the top. Well that's a short coming, but then the image was taken at an angle, and not straight on. The idea was to capture the single piece glass in one go.

    Here's another with Before, Wide and then Fish Lens -

    Before -


    Wide -


    And Fish lens -

    A place where I thoroughly enjoyed the Fish lens was at Burj Khalifa -


    And also with indoor shots -

    Before -


    After -

    Another good use of CPL is to improve contrast in an image. Here are some quick examples -

    Before -


    Notice Baby Darth, and the shine on R2D2.

    After CPL -


    The cushion has become darker as well. Similar result for this gift.

    Before -


    After -


  3. JD666

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    I have played with other phone lens kits (Ollo Clip for instance) and I find that the ztylus kit does the most justice. You can invest in higher kits as well, but this is good for all purpose shooting.

    Most pictures today are taken with a camera phone. Point and shoot have been replaced, pretty much everywhere. Such a kit definitely enhances the imaging experience, though yes limiting you to your device. When I buy the next device for myself, I better hope that some or all of this kit is compatible. With the 7 + with the dual lens it, it isn't, but perhaps if I only buy the cover, I might be able to swing somethings.

    Anyhow, after enjoying this Revolver Kit, I went ahead and purchased the Ztylus Prime lens kit for the iPhone. This comprises of a Telephoto (60mm) lens, and a Wide (18mm) prime lens.


    The good bit is, even though they come with another cover, the lenses can attach to my existing Ztylus cover. So I do not have to go about swapping phone covers to accomodate the additonal lenses.

    A review on that soon.
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    Finally,attachment worth the price and buying :)

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